Power Supply HP5448

Application area

Voltage supply of MultiControl or ConveyorControl system via flat cable. Voltage supply of DriveControl or ZoneControl via round cable. Basic voltage supply of 48-V DC products.

Product description

The Interroll switching Power Supply HP5448 is a three-phase power supply for providing 48-V DC voltage. The robust housing achieves a protection rating of IP54. This allows a placement in the immediate vicinity of the products to be supplied with 48 V DC, such as Interroll MultiControl. The central voltage supply saves costs for control cabinets and allows very short lines which, in turn, lead to cost savings and error reduction with respect to voltage drops on the line. The HP5448 is immediately operational, all required functions, such as line protection or maintenance switches, are already present or completely wired. Given its high level of overload capability, the power supply is perfectly adjusted to the current requirements of the RollerDrive EC5000. This ensures the power supply of several RollerDrive starting at the same time.

Compact power supplies for decentralized material flow