As a leading manufacturer of key intralogistics products, we work hard to provide our customers with optimal service for our products. Your service need is just as individual as our solution and should help you to ensure high availability of your systems.

Did you know that

  • drum motors can be repaired within a few hours in our service department ?
  • we offer 2 years warranty on repairs?
  • you can access a network of certified Interroll Service Partners throughout Europe?
  • most spare parts for Interroll Drum Motors and other standard items can be shipped within a few hours?
  • we can store critical customer articles in our service warehouse for you?
  • we can work out a tailor-made service concept for you?
  • the end-to-end support of our hotline is optimally supported by SAP (Cloud for Customer)?

Our Customer Service Team will be pleased to advise you

Hotline: +49 (0) 2193- 23 222

You can reach us from Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm, Friday from 8am to 4pm.

René Schmitz

Tel : +49 (0)2193 23-148

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Dennis Löhmer

Tel : +49 (0)2193 23-315

Mail :

Thorsten Munz

Tel : +49 (0)2193 23-256

Mail :

Christian Reise

Tel : +49 (0)2193 23-319

Mail :

Andreas Kuß

Tel : +49 (0)2433 4461-139

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Christian Wimmers

Tel : +49 (0)2433 4461-144

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Onze gecertificeerde servicepartners bij u in de buurt.

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