Straight Center Drive + Top Arch + Feed BM 8434 / 8444

The belt conveyor is used for transporting all types of unit loads in case of inclines and declines. Arch and feed allow a smooth and quieter transition at the upper and lower kink.The standard belt conveyor is equipped with a drum motor (BM 8444), a gear motor is available as an option (BM 8434). Not suitable for reversing operation.

General technical data

Max. load capacity*

50 kg/m

Max. load capacity per module*

550 kg

Conveyor speed*

0.1 to 2.5 m/s (at 50 kg)


Max. 18°

Ambient temperature

+5 bis +40 °C (drum motor); -5 bis +50 °C (gear motor)


Rated voltage

400 V

Electrical power

Max. 3 kW

Motor type

Drum motor/gear motor


Conveyor belt

2-layer, PVC, grooved longitudinally

Slider bed

Sheet steel 2 mm

BM 8434 / 8444 Belt Conveyor Straight Center Drive + Top Arch + Feed (PDF. 164 KB) Download