Lift RM 6008

This vertical conveyor consists of a column construction and a carriage upon which conveyor components can be mounted. Lifting motion is performed by two toothed belts. The planned drive is located at the top. Integrating an encoder is possible. This lift can optionally be used at higher speeds and in several approach positions.

General technical data

Max. load capacity*

250 kg

Stroke velocity

0.1 to 1.0 m/s

Ambient temperature

-5 to +40 °C

Max. stroke height

6000 mm

Startup position

Min. 2

Lifting column

200 x 80 mm (aluminum profile)


Motor type

Worm gear motor with brake, frequency regulation on site

Rated voltage

400 V/50 Hz/3 phase

Max. electrical power

2.2 kW

Drive medium

Toothed belt

RM 6008 Lift (PDF. 207 KB) Download

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