RollerDrive EC310 IP66

Drive for unit handling conveyor systems, such as transporting containers or barrels. Suitable for sectional conveyors and especially zero-pressure accumulation roller conveyors that are cleaned with water.

The motor integrated in the tube allows a very compact design of the conveyor system.

The brushless motor features an energy recovery in braking.

The drive can be used in straight sections and ensures a constant conveying speed. Depending on the application area, PolyVee or round belts can be used for the transmission of force. Overall, seven gear stages are available. The electronic holding brake (Zero Motion Hold) holds materials in position, even on gravity conveyors, so that the RollerDrive can also be used as a drive in these applications.

The use of decoupling elements achieves particularly low-noise running.

The brushless motor with internal commutation electronics does not require any maintenance. It features an overload protection that prevents damages due to overtemperature or blockage. It is connected securely without complex screw connection by using a motor cable with 5-pin snap-in plug.

By using seals on both sides of the RollerDrive, it achieves a protection rating of IP66 confirmed by an independent lab. As such, it can be used perfectly wherever water is used for cleaning or where wet products are conveyed.

RollerDrive EC310 IP66 (PDF. 481 KB) Download